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  • Kate Simpson

The G.O.A.T of all Tomato Salads

So, if you know me, you'll know I am OBSESSED with tomato salad. It goes with everything, especially a Rib eye steak (god I'm hungry)Anyway it's taken some perfecting but I think I've finally done out. The G.O.A.T of all Tomato salads. This was part of a bespoke set up yesterday and it is safe to say that it went down a treat.

To serve 6, you'll need:

TOMATO's of all shapes and sizes (get the best quality you can afford) I've used Isle of Wight Tomatoes here

Anchovies (I only use Ortiz Anchovies, they are incredible. Spenny but amazing) Available at M&S (Wang in the whole lot)

Echalion Shallots (6 finely sliced)

Toasted Pine Nuts (half a bag)

Flat Leaf Parsley (1/2 bunch finely chopped)

Maldon Sea Salt and Black Pepper


3 Good glugs of EV Olive Oil

1 glug of white wine vinegar

2 tspoons of Dijon Mustard

Squeeze of lemon

Maldon Sea Salt (big pinch) and black pepper

Slice your tomatoes and pat dry with a kitchen towel. Lay them on a large platter with the larger tomatoes at the bottom and your smaller cherry tomatoes on top. Vary the colours. Place the anchovies throughout. Scatter your toasted pine nuts (dry fry till lightly golden brown) and your flat leaf parsley.

Mix all your dressing ingredients together (I always use a jam jar to really mix it - without jam in obvs 😂) and dress. THAT IS IT

Let me know what you think! The anchovies make it, I promise!

Much Lobve


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