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  • Kate Simpson

5 Reasons why a Graze Table is always a great idea!

1. Variety

There is something for everyone on a graze table. When planning an event, feeding your guests is one of the most important things you'll have to think about. With a graze table, people can pick and choose how much they'd like to eat as well as what they want. If you want to go in for seconds, thirds, aint nobody judging! Like wise if one of your guests is a 'fussy' eater, there is generally something that will satisfy them. Graze tables can also be made specific to a theme or Brunch, lunch, dinner etc.

2. A Laid back dining experience

Look there will always be a place for traditional catering but more and more people are moving towards a more relaxed way of eating. It allows your guests to foster conversations over the food and mingle more while eating. What's not to love! We also make sure that all the food is pre portioned, so people aren't pawing over it. They can literally access the food anyway they want and don't have to spend time cutting it up etc.

3. They look super lux!

A full graze table set up is a sight to behold. They are very instagramable! You can add florals, foliage, table scaping, a theme. The worlds your oyster.

4. Cost

Compared to traditional catering, the cost per head for a graze table is much much cheaper. Let's dive into this a bit deeper. When I was getting married, I was quoted £45 a head for a three course dinner. It was pretty predictable fodder too! One of our graze tables for 60, averages out at about £15.50 a head. You also don't need any wait staff, as people can help themselves. Lots less stress and more money for booze!

5. Flexibility

Grazing tables are so flexible. We do everything off site on pre sized platters. We literally need an hour max to slot together and finish off. Doesn't matter if there is a kitchen or not, so great for outdoor or indoor parties!

Hope this is helpful! We can cater for 10 people or 1000! Bespoke or not. Its really up to you. Do get in touch if you have any questions or dates in mind for an event. We'd love to help

Much Love

Kate ✌🏻

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14 de jul. de 2023
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So many reasons why this is better than a sit down meal.

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