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The Best Air Bnb I’ve ever stayed in…

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Ok that's a bit heavy, but quite frankly it was in my top 3 and thought it was worth sharing as it really is a bobby dazzler.

When I saw the weather was going to be scorching last weekend and the thought of being trapped in the house with 3 kids, a dog and a grumpy husband, became too much, I decided to book an air bnb by the sea.

I LOVE the seaside. I grew up in Sandwich and the sea is always calling me (sorry I sound like Moana here 😆) The Kent coast has had a renaissance in the last few years and before, it was just Deal that was 'cool' but now there's a plethora of places that you can find a fish taco and a spicy margarita and Dungerness is one of those places.

It's about 1.30/2 hours from London and an easy ride at that. Dungerness is famous for that hideous nuclear power station but it's also home to incredible nature and beauty. The vastness of it is like nothing I've seen before. It's so bleak. You can imagine thats what Texas or the outback would look like. The sky was so big and on the Sunday, we lit a fire pit, toasted marshmallows and just...stared. The stars were so beautiful. I know I'm wanging on but it was breathtaking.

On the Saturday we jumped in the car and headed 2 mins down the roa, to Greatstone on Sea. Like Camber, it has beautiful sand dunes but doesn't have the crowds. It was about a 30 minute bloody walk to get to the actual sea though so check the tide times!!! It came in rapidly about 3pm.

We headed back to beautiful Coast View for fish and chips from the Pilot Inn and Rose in the garden plus endless games of shit head and 5 second rule which I'm officially shit at (I blame brain fog...on everything!)

The house itself was so coastal grandmother chic that I wished I had an influencer on hand to do a shoot but alas it was just me in a tatty old cossie 😆

Everything was white. The floors, ceilings, doors, kitchen but you could tell that it had been done by an interior designer. Atlanta Bartlett, to be precise. I spent most of the weekend bemoaning the fact that I'm incapabable of pulling together a load of zinc tins and making them look good. It was that kind of vibe. There is texture and pops of colour everywhere, from the cushions, to the blankets and the beautiful poppies in the garden. Oh and the log fire in the winter must be incredible.

It has 4 bedrooms, 3 of which are en suite, can sleep 8 and feels super spacious. Oh and there's a freestanding bath in the master bedroom that has an outstanding view.

So I've you're up for exploring the kent coast or need a break away in style, this is where you'll love to be

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